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Planning Your Pregnancy

pregnancy all you want to know

Your general health, nutrition and weight should be at their best before pregnancy so that you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Do the following blood tests if you are planning for a baby:

• CBC (basic blood evaluation)
• FBS (fasting blood sugar)
• PPBS (post lunch blood sugar)
• TSH (for thyroid)
• Urine Routine
• HIV (for infection)
• HCV (for infection)
• HbsAg (for infection)
• VDRL (for infection)
• HB Electrophoresis (to rule out thalassemia)
• PAP Smear (cervical cancer screening)
• Routine pelvic ultrasound (to check for any problem/fibroid,etc.)
You may need more tests if you have a specific high risk concern or familial disease.
• Eat healthy
• Exercise regularly – moderate exercise about 4 times a week
• De-stress – meditate, breaks, sleep well
• Maintain healthy weight (BMI – 20 to 23 is best)
• Take folic acid supplements
• Get vaccinated (hepatitis B, chicken pox, rubella as indicated)
• Do see a gynaecologist about 6 months before you plan for best results
• Smoke (preferably husbands should not smoke much in your presence)
• Drink excessively (social drinking in small amount permitted – Your husband may drink in your presence, lol)
• Addictive drugs (absolute no-no)
• Medications for illnesses (to continue after consultation with gynaecologist)